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60 Social Media Post Templates For Apartment Marketing

Alex Middel
June 15, 2016

Struggling to decide what you should Tweet? Does your mind draw a complete blank when you have to write up an Instagram caption? Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

We’re at a point where apartment marketers realize the importance of being active on social media, but some just can’t seem to crack the code of how to craft Tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram captions that deliver results.

What if there was a resource you could access that had tons of social media posting templates for apartment marketers? A list of proven headlines and social media copy that you could use for inspiration. That’s exactly what we’ve put together.

We’ve created the ultimate cheat sheet for apartment marketers that want to write social media posts that connect. Below you’ll find templates organized by social media channel and your desired outcome. Use them as inspiration or simply insert your own info in each one to personalize them for your community!

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What’s Your Goal?

The Tweet you use to push traffic to your website won’t be the same as the one you use to get people to encourage people to follow you. That’s why we’ve categorized the templates by goal. Choose the category that best describes what you want to achieve on social media.

I want to:

Social Media Post Templates To Get More Followers

 Social Media Post Templates To Get More Followers


1. “Thinking of moving to [city]? Like our page to find out the best places to eat, drink and have fun!”

2. “Calling all [property name] residents! Hit the like button to get updates on community events and announcements.”

3. “Did you miss our last [community event name]? We feel sorry for you! But there’s good news, you can hit the like button to be the first to know about our next one!”

4. “If you live in [property name] and haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, you’re missing out big time! We post all of our announcements, upcoming events and more here first. Hit the like button to stay up to date!”

5. “Join the [property name] community on Facebook by hitting the like button. We want to hear from you!”


6. “Hold on, you live in [#propertyname] but you don’t follow us? Show us some Twitter love!”

7. “The [#propertyname] community is over [number of renters] strong, follow us on Twitter to stay in touch!”

8. “Follow us to hear about announcements and upcoming events first. [#propertyname]”

9. “Looking for things to do in [#city]? Follow us to see what’s happening in [#city] this weekend!”

10. “If you live in [#city], follow us to find out the best places to eat, drink and have fun!”


The image you use is crucial for Instagram posts. No matter how great your caption is, it won’t be much help if your image isn’t up to par!

11. “Like this picture? Want to see more? Hit the follow button! [#city] [#propertyname] #apartments”

12. “Need tips on #apartmentdecor and #apartmentliving? Follow us for amazing pictures and endless inspiration! [#propertyname]”

13. “Who says #apartmenthunting in [city] has to be hard? Hit the follow button to be the first to find out about our vacant units! [#city] [#propertyname] #apartment”

14. “If you live in [city] and need ideas for what to do, follow us! #thingstodoin[city]”

15. “Looking for apartments in [city]? Follow us to see our latest available [# of bedrooms] units! #apartments #apartmenthunting #apartmentlife #apartmentliving [#city]”

Social Media Post Templates To Get Traffic

 Social Media Post Templates to get traffic


16. “If you’re looking for a [# of bedrooms] apartment in [city], check out our latest pricing!”

17. “Hate your living situation? We can make it better. Schedule an apartment tour with us this week and see what you’ve been missing out on!”

18. “We just updated our rent prices and we think you’re going to like what you see. Check it out and set up a tour before it’s too late!”

19. “Free snacks, beautiful apartments, and cool people. Sound good? We want to see you at our next open house in [city]. Find out the info here!”

20. “Did someone say free apartment? Well, not quite! But there are free snacks, and new apartments available to rent so you might want to come check out our open house this weekend for apartment tours at [property name]!”


21. “You need a place to live in [#city], we have apartments. Let’s talk - [link]”

22. “We just updated the prices for our [number of bedrooms] bedroom #apartments in [#city]. You’re going to like it! - [link]”

23. “Find out why [#city] #apartmenthunters fall in love with us. Schedule an apartment tour today - [link]”

24. “It’s time to upgrade your living situation. Check out our beautiful [number of bedrooms] bedroom apartments in [#city] - [link]”

25. “Seeking an awesome renter for this amazing [number of bedrooms] apartment in [#city]. It’ll be gone soon so act fast! - [link]”


26. “This [number of bedrooms] bedroom apartment in [city] just became available. Better snatch it up before it’s too late. Click the link in our profile for more info! #apartments #apartmenthunting [#city]”

27. “If you like this apartment, wait until you see it in person! Click the link in our profile to schedule an apartment tour in [city]! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

28. “We’re embarrassed to admit how much time we spent getting this picture together. Just goes to show you our commitment to serving our community! Schedule an appointment to see this apartment in [city]!  #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

29. “Looking for an apartment in [city]? We’ve got you covered. Click the link in our profile to see what we have available! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

30. “Apartment hunting doesn’t need to be stressful. Schedule an appointment to check out our [number of bedrooms] apartments in [city]! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

Social Media Post Templates to Build Your Brand & Entertain

 Social Media Post Templates to Build Your Brand & Entertain


31. “It’s another beautiful day at [property name], nothing like life in [city]!”

32. “Check out our photo of the day!”

33. “Apartment Decor Tip: Make small spaces feel better by adding a mirror!”

34. “Don’t have a lot of storage space in your apartment? Try adding some floating shelves. You can thank us later.”

35. “Happy National [any of these holidays]! Here’s how we're’ celebrating at [property name]!”


36. “140 characters isn’t enough to brag about how awesome our community is, so we’ll sum it up in one word - #Amazing”

37. “A picture is worth 1,000 words, and our picture of the day captures [#city] perfectly!”

38. “Have a strange odor in your cabinets? Leave a bowl of vinegar in it overnight to get rid of it! #cleaningtip”

39. “Use clear airtight containers instead of boxes for your snacks. Stack them vertically to save space! #apartmenthacks”

40. “Did you know [interesting fact about your city]?


41. “It’s a great day to sit on your balcony and ponder the wonders of life! [#propertyname] #apartments”

42. “Our team is ready to tackle the day, are you? #mondaymotivation #morningslikethese #apartments [#propertyname]”

43. “We love our city, and we love the people even more! What’s better than [#city] living? [#propertyname]”

44. “Here’s a cool apartment hack! Attach a seasoning rack to cabinet doors so they take up less space! #apartmentliving #apartmentdecor [#propertyname]”

45. “Check out our apartment of the week! Can’t lie, we’re jealous! #apartmentgoals #apartmentliving #apartmentdecor #apartmentments [#propertyname]”

Social Media Post Templates to Engage Your Audience

 Social Media Post Templates to Engage Your Audience


46. “By a show of LIKES, how many of you would love to live in this apartment?”

47. “Like this post if you’re heading downtown tonight!”

48. “Share this post with a friend that needs a new apartment in [city]. If they rent, we’ll give you $50!”

49. “What’s your favorite thing about your apartment?”

50. “It’s apartment hunting season, and some of you are looking for roommates. Share your worst roommate horror stories!”


51. “#TwitterPoll: Are you team carpet or team hardwood floors for your apartment?”

52. “What’s your favorite part about living in #city? Ours is the people!”

53. “Share your number one apartment hack for a chance to win a $100 gift card!”

54. “We’re having movie night today for our [#propertyname] residents. RT this and spread the word!”

55. “Who else is watching the [local sports team] game tonight? We’re geared up and ready!”


56. “Tag a friend that would love to see this apartment in [#city]! [#propertyname]”

57. “Like this post if you wish this was your kitchen too! #kitchendesign #apartmentgoals #apartmentliving #apartments [#propertyname]”

58. “What’s your biggest #apartmenthunting horror story? [#propertyname]”

59. “Using mason jars for storage is one of our favorite #apartmenthacks to save space. What’s your top apartment hack? #apartmentliving #apartmentlife [#propertyname]”

60. “Drop a comment and let us know what our next community event should be at [#propertyname] in [#city]!”

Start Posting

Even though these social media templates were for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they can be used on other platforms like Pinterest, Google+ and others with a little tweaking. The next step is to take action and start posting.

Save time by using a social media post scheduling tool like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social. Write out all your posts using our templates and schedule them to be posted throughout the week or month!

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