80 Social Media Post Templates For Apartment Marketers

Taylor Whitten
October 10, 2019

Most apartment marketers today recognize how important it is for their communities to be active on social media.

With 223 million active social media users in the United States today (70% of the entire U.S. population!), social media is one of the most popular online activities in the world and one of the most effective marketing channels available.

But there’s a big difference between simply “being” on social media and using social media as a strategic tool for building brand awareness, boosting engagement, generating leads, and growing your audience.

The challenge is, as the number of people flocking to their favorite social media platform continues to grow, so does the number of businesses attempting to use those channels to get in front of their own target audiences.

In fact, 60 million local business pages have been created on Facebook since launching with the average social media marketer posting 8 times per day.


In order to stand out, you need to be strategic with your words. That means writing posts that cut through the noise and speak directly to what your audience wants most, which is exactly where most apartment marketers tend to struggle...

  • How do you write an Instagram caption that grabs the attention of your audience?
  • What’s the best way to use Facebook to paint a picture of what it's like living at your community?
  • What hashtags should you be using in your copy to expand your reach? 
  • How can you tap into Pinterest?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve put together. 

We’ve created the ultimate cheat sheet for crafting social media posts that align with your marketing strategy and connect best with potential renters. We’ve created templates organized by both social media platform and your desired outcome since your posting strategy needs to align hand in hand with your social media campaign strategy

Use them as inspiration or simply insert your own information into each one to personalize them for your community and thus start seeing results!

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What’s Your Goal?

If someone asked you why your community was on social media, what would you say?

If you answered with something like “because our competitors are on social” or, ”because my boss said so," then we have some work to do.

If you’re committing time, money, and resources to social media, having clearly defined goals that tie back to helping your business succeed is vital. 

Are you hoping to get in front of more potential renters?

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?

The Facebook post you use to push traffic to your website won’t be the same as the one you use to encourage people to follow you. That’s why we’ve categorized the templates by goal.

Choose the category that best describes what you want to achieve and dig in.

So ask yourself, what do you want to get out of your social media efforts?

After setting your sights on your goal, grab a pen and paper, take some notes, and post away!

Social Media Post Templates to Build Brand Awareness

80 Social Media Post Templates Blog - Grow Your Audience Section

Defining your brand voice creates reliability and reassurance within your audience. They can take the information provided on behalf of your community through social media and know it is a trusted source. Entertain your audience through your social copy and leave them always wanting to know what post is coming next.


1. “It’s another beautiful day at [property name]. There’s nothing like life in [city]!”

2. “Check out our neighborhood! What’s your favorite part about [city]?”

3. “Apartment Decor Tip: Add pops of color or fresh flowers to brighten your space! 💐”

4. “Do you have lots of decor pieces you can’t wait to show off? Try adding some floating shelves. You can thank us later.”

5. “Happy National [any of these holidays]! Here’s how we're celebrating at [property name]!”


6. “280 characters isn’t enough to brag about how awesome our community is so we’ll sum it up in one word: #Amazing”

7. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and our #photooftheday captures [#city] perfectly! 📷”

8. “Dust once a week to keep the deep cleaning to a minimum! #cleaningtip”

9. “Use clear, airtight containers instead of boxes for your snacks. Stack them vertically to save space! #apartmenthacks”

10. “Did you know [interesting fact about your city]? Share with us your best [#city] story!”


11. “It’s a great day to sit on your balcony and ponder the wonders of life! [#propertyname] #apartments”

12. “Our team is ready to tackle the day, are you? #mondaymotivation #morningslikethese #apartments [#propertyname]”

13. “We love our city, but we love our residents even more! What’s better than [#city] living? [#propertyname]”

14. “Here’s a cool apartment hack: Attach a seasoning rack to cabinet doors with command strips so they take up less space! #apartmentliving #apartmentdecor [#propertyname]”

15. “Check out our apartment of the week! Can’t lie, we’re jealous! #apartmentgoals #apartmentliving #apartmentdecor #apartments [#propertyname]”


16. “Serious question: Are you a foodie? Hit that follow button to uncover the tastiest hidden treasures in our neighborhood.”

17. “It’s time for Apartment Tip Tuesday once again! If you want to freshen up your space, try adapting a fun piece of accent furniture.”

18. “Our state-of-the-art gym will have you canceling that gym membership. It’s just one of the many amenities that makes us truly unique.” 

19. “Ring, ring - HGTV is calling! 📞 Make your design dreams come to life in our modern, beautiful spaces.”

20. “Your move-in checklist is here! We can’t wait to welcome you home.”


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Social Media Post Templates to Engage Your Audience

80 Social Media Post Templates Blog - Grow Your Audience Section (2)

If your goal is to build a community within your property, then engaging with your audience should be your first step. Create strong connections and encourage engagement through likes, comments, and shares by posting content that your specific audience wants to see!


21. “By a show of LIKES, how many of you would love to live in this beautiful suite?”

22. “Do you love our neighborhood as much as we do?! What are your weekend plans?!”

23. “Share our post with a friend that needs a new apartment home in [city]. If they rent, we’ll give you a [promotion special]!”

24. “What’s your favorite thing about your home with us?”

25. “Love where you live is our motto! Share your favorite things about living with us below!”


26. “#TwitterPoll: Are you team colorful or team neutral when it comes to area rugs?”  
27. “What’s your favorite part about living in [#city]? Ours is the people!”

28. “Share your number one apartment hack with us for a chance to win a [promotion special]!”

29. “We’re having a movie night today for our [#propertyname] residents. RT to spread the word! 🎥”

30. “Who else is watching the [local sports team] game tonight? We’re geared up and ready for a great night!”


31. “Tag a friend that would love to see our amazing apartment homes in [#city]! [#propertyname]”

32. “The kitchen is the heart of the home! ❤️ Like this post if you wish this was your kitchen! #kitchendesign #apartmentgoals #apartmentliving #apartments [#propertyname]”

33. “What was your favorite part about your tour? [#propertyname]”

34. “Using mason jars for storage is one of our favorite #apartmenthacks to save space. What’s your top apartment hack? #apartmentliving #apartmentlife [#propertyname]”

35. “Drop a comment and let us know what our next community event should be at [#propertyname] in [#city]!”


36. “By a show of hands, who loves our community as much as we do?! 🙋‍♀️”

37. “30 day home challenge time! Share a picture with us every day showcasing your favorite decor ideas.”

38. “Is moving not your favorite thing in the world? Here are some moving hacks to make it a breeze!”

39. “We spy your weekend plans: Relaxing in your cozy living room and enjoying our breathtaking views.” 

40. “Add a tour to your to-do list! We’ll have this luxury suite ready for you!”


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Social Media Post Templates To Get Traffic

80 Social Media Post Templates Blog - Grow Your Audience Section (3)

A strong social strategy can be a game-changer when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Powerful and memorable social copy paired with appealing images can position your community as a reliable source of information and overall an amazing place to live. Pairing a detailed social strategy with local link building can elevate your traffic and translate to potential prospects. 


41. “If you’re looking for a [# of bedrooms] apartment home in [city], check out our floorplans to find the one for you!”

42. “Ready to upgrade your living situation? We can help! Schedule an apartment tour with us this week to see what you could have with us!”

43. “We just updated our specials, and we think you’re going to love what you see. Check them out and set up a tour to fall in love with where you live!”

44. “Free snacks, beautiful apartments, and cool people. Sound good? We want to see you at our next open house in [city]. Find out all the info here!”

45. “Did someone say free apartment living? Well, not quite! But there are free snacks and new apartments available just for you. Check out our open house [this weekend or on this date] for a tour of [property name]!”


46. “Need a place to live in [#city]? 🤔 Well, we have apartments! Let’s talk - [link to contact page]”

47. “We just updated our leasing specials on our [number of bedrooms] bedroom #apartments in [#city]. You’re going to love what you see!  [link to leasing special or floorplans page]”

48. “Find out why [#city] #apartmenthunters fall in love with us. Schedule a tour today! [link to contact page]”

49. “It’s time to upgrade your living situation. Check out our beautiful [number of bedrooms] bedroom apartments in [#city]!  [link to gallery page]”

50. “Seeking an awesome renter for this amazing [number of bedrooms] apartment in [#city]. It’ll be gone soon so act fast! [link to floorplans page]”


51. “Our luxury apartment suites are waiting for you. Swing by for a tour to reserve your spot before it’s too late! Click the link in our profile for more info! #apartments #apartmenthunting [#city]”

52. “If you like our luxury spaces, wait until you see them in person! Click the link in our profile to schedule an apartment tour in [city]! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

53. “We’ve spent lots of time perfecting this space, which just goes to show you our commitment to serving our community! Schedule an appointment to see our luxury community in [city]!  #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

54. “Looking for an apartment in [city]? We’ve got you covered. Click the link in our bio to see what floorplans we have available! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”

55. “Apartment hunting doesn’t have to be stressful. Schedule an appointment to check out our numerous floorplans in [city]! #apartmenthunting #apartments [#city]”


56. “Questions to ask when touring your future home with us: What is our neighborhood like? What are our favorite amenities? Or simply head on over to our website to get a sneak peek before your tour!”

57. “Why is our community the best of the best you may ask? Check out our amenities to fall in love!”

58. “Coffee shops, fitness classes, and parks - OH MY! Run, don’t walk, to click the link and see why our neighborhood is pure perfection. 🏃”

59. “Let us make your life easier! Grab your calendar and pencil in a tour right on our website.”

60. “Moving to [city]? See exactly why we are the home for you!”


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Social Media Post Templates To Get More Followers

80 Social Media Post Templates Blog - Grow Your Audience Section (4)

The first step to growing your social media following begins with posting engaging and consistent content. Find the best images and plug-in our copy to blow your audience away and encourage them to hit that follow or like button. To take your growth campaigns to the next level, try organizing events and building relationships with neighboring businesses to leave your audience coming back for more.


61. “Thinking of moving to [city]? Like our page to find out the best places to eat, drink, and have fun!”

62. “Calling all [property name] residents! Hit the like button to receive updates on our community events and announcements.”

63. “Did you miss our last [community event name]? Don’t fret, our next event will be just as amazing as the last. But, never miss out again! Hit the like button to be the first to know all about what’s up and coming!”

64. “Do you live with us? Want to stay in the loop? If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, don’t wait any longer! We post all of our announcements, upcoming events, and more here first. Hit the like button to stay up-to-date and always have the inside scoop!”

65. “Join the [property name] community on Facebook! We can’t wait to hear from you!”


66. “Hold on, you live at [#propertyname] but don’t follow us? Show off your beautiful apartment home while giving us some Twitter love!”

67. “The [#propertyname] community is over [number of renters] strong, follow us on Twitter to stay in touch!”

68. “Follow us to know all about the announcements and upcoming events first! [#propertyname]”

69. “Looking for things to do in the great city of [#city]? Hit the follow button to see what’s happening in your beloved home base this and every weekend!”

70. “If you live in [#city], follow us to find out the best places to eat, drink, and have fun!”


The image and hashtags you use are crucial for Instagram posts. No matter how great your caption is, it won’t be much help if your image and hashtag selections aren’t up to par! We recommend separating your hashtags with either dashes or dots to avoid appearing spammy to your followers. Research on city or apartment specific hashtags are also a must! 

71. “Do you love what you see and want to stay up-to-date? Then follow along with us! [#city] [#propertyname] #apartments”

72. “Did you just move in with us? Need tips on #apartmentdecor and #apartmentliving? Follow us for amazing idea images and endless inspo! [#city] [#propertyname] #livehere #luxuryliving”

73. “Who says #apartmenthunting in [city] has to be anything but enjoyable?! Hit the follow button to be the first to find out about our amazing community and why it is perfect for you! [#city] [#propertyname] #apartment”

74. “If you live in [#city] and need ideas on things to do along with info on all the fun upcoming events, then hit that follow button! #thingstodoin[city]”

75. “Looking for apartments in [#city]? Follow us to see our beautiful suites and unbeatable community! #apartments #apartmenthunting #apartmentlife #apartmentliving”


76. “Living at [property name] is a real treat. Come to the [property specific room] to enjoy our [event name]. You may even meet some new neighbors along the way!”

77. “Follow along with us to see the best things to do in [city].”

78. “We want you at our next community event! Follow us to stay in the loop!”

79. “If you need ideas on decorating your new modern space, then we have the inspo for you!”

80. “Love what you see? Never want to miss out on one of our decorating tips? Follow us to stay in touch!”


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Start Posting

Even though these social media templates were for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, they can be used on other platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, etc. with a little tweaking. 

The next step is to take action and start posting.

Save time by using a social media post scheduling tool like Buffer, Hootsuite, Agorapulse, or Sprout Social. 

Pick the perfect image, write out all of your posts using our templates, and schedule them to be posted throughout the week or month!


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Originally published June 15, 2016, updated Oct 10, 2019

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