7 Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Apartments (+Pinning Tips)

Alex Middel
May 31, 2016

When it comes to social media marketing for apartments, Facebook is typically the first platform you think of. After all, there are over a billion daily active users, and has one of the best social media advertising platforms out there.

However, Facebook isn’t the only game in town. As an apartment marketer, you need to be on social networks driven by visuals. One of the best places to start is Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

With so much hype around Instagram and Snapchat, you may be wondering why we’re focusing on Pinterest.

First, Pinterest users are buyers. Pinterest found 93% of its users shopped online in the past six months. Also, Pinterest users are 10% more likely to purchase online than users from other social networks.

Last but not least, a survey from Housing.com found 95% of women are key decision makers while buying or renting homes. Guess who Pinterest’s key demographic is?

According to Pew Research Center, 44% of female internet users are on Pinterest, compared to just 16% of men.

 Pinterest Demographics

Using Pinterest as an apartment marketing channel puts you right in front of the audience making decisions about where to rent!

Now that you understand why Pinterest is so important for apartment marketers, the next step is figuring out how to use it effectively. Here are seven Pinterest marketing ideas for apartments that will increase your reach and attract renters.

1. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins aren’t just for retailers and recipe blogs!

Rich pins allow you to include extra data on your pins such as price, recipes and more. You’ve probably seen them used by online stores to display pricing.

 Rich Pins Example

Apartment marketers can use Place Pins, which allow you to include locations in your pins. After you’ve pinned an image, you have the ability to enter a city and state, or the actual location if Pinterest recognizes it.

 Adding Location to Pins

After adding the location, Pinterest will display a small map underneath your image that shows more information about the area, including other pins in the area. This gives you more exposure when people are searching for pins in your specific area.

 Pinterest location information

Since Pinterest currently only recognizes major landmarks, you’ll most likely have to just enter your city/state.

If you haven’t used rich pins yet, go back and add the location to any pins you’ve added from your rental property.

2. Create a Group Board

A cool way to get your tenants involved and engaged with your Pinterest marketing strategy is to create a group board.

Group boards allow you to invite people to collaborate by adding their own pins. All you need is their email address to send an invite.

Start by creating a board for your apartment (i.e. New Brook Community Board). Then, let tenants know about it in an email newsletter. Ask them to send you their email if they’d like to contribute.

 Pinterest Group Board

It’s helpful if the board is themed. It could be apartment design ideas or just pictures of your community.

3. Create Boards for Individual Communities

Are you a property management company with multiple communities? Create a board for each community you manage, to make it easier for users to sort through.

 Greystar Pinterest Apartment Marketing

With this approach, the property management company’s Pinterest page will be the central account, and the separate boards are like hubs. Of course, each location can (and should) have its own Pinterest account as well.

4. Post Community Events

Here’s a great organic Pinterest marketing idea for apartments.

Does your community host a lot of events for tenants? Whether it’s group fitness classes, happy hours or other events, make sure you’re pinning pictures to capture the moments!

A lot of apartment hunters look for places that have fun amenities and a community feel. Show off what you have to offer and make people jump on the opportunity to rent from you.

5. Optimize Your Pins

Did you know Google indexes Pinterest content? That means your boards and pins all have a chance to rank in Google for your target keywords.

More importantly, Pinterest itself is a search engine. In fact, it’s probably one of the best search engines of any social network because of the advanced categorization it has.

In order to make sure your pins and boards have a chance of showing up in both Pinterest and Google search results, you need social media optimization.

The good thing is it’s very similar to how you would optimize content on your website!

Here are some basic tips:

  • Include keywords in your board name: Pinterest will use your board name as the URL. Include any relevant keywords in the title so they’ll also appear in your URL.

 Pinterest URL Optimization

  • Write a great description: Don’t get lazy with your pin’s description. Include important information, relevant keywords and a call to action.
  • Confirm your website: Confirming your website on Pinterest takes less than five minutes, yet so many companies skip this step. Pinterest gives more authority to verified pages in its search results, plus you’ll have access to Pinterest Analytics.
  • Write a killer bio: Your bio tells Pinterest and users what your page is all about, so make it stand out! It should be clear where your apartments are located, what types of units you have and appeal to your ideal renter.
  • Link to your website: A major advantage Pinterest has over Instagram and Snapchat for apartment marketers is the ability to add a link to your pins. Take advantage by linking to your website in all of your relevant pins to earn some free traffic!

6. Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads aren’t as popular as the advertising platforms from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Pinterest found brands that advertise on the site received a 30% boost in earned media.

Pinterest gives you two options for advertising, depending on your goals. You can either drive engagement or traffic.

 Pinterest Ads Goals

You also have complete control over how much you spend, so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

 Pinterest Traffic Ads

Make sure you have a plan in mind before you go through this process. If your goal is to drive traffic, you should create a pin specifically for the ad, as well as a landing page. Your landing page needs to be mobile friendly because 80% of Pinterest’s traffic is from mobile devices.

If you’d rather go with an older pin instead of creating a new one, Pinterest will show your best performing pins to choose from.

 Pinterest Ads Pin

Don’t forget to set your target location for your ads as well. This will make sure your ads are being shown to a relevant audience. If your city isn’t available, choose a nearby one or target by state.

 Pinterest Ads Location Targeting

Experiment with Pinterest Ads, it could be a worthwhile investment.

7. Include Pinnable Images in Blog Posts

Make it easy for people to pin images from your website. In addition to using Pin-it buttons, you should also consider creating a featured image specifically for Pinterest.

It’s simple to do. Go to Canva and select the Pinterest Graphic template. This is sized perfectly for pins. Then create an eye-catching image to include in your blog post like this.

 Pinterest marketing Ideas

Tips for Better Pins

Now that you’ve got some good ideas for marketing apartments on Pinterest, we need to take a look at how to make your pins stand out. No matter how creative your tactics are, they’ll be ineffective if your pins aren’t up to par.

Include fewer faces

A study from Curulate analyzed over 500,000 pins and found images without faces received 23% more repins than those with faces.

 Pinterest Images without Faces

If you’re posting images of apartments, leave people out of them and focus on the apartment itself!

Add color

The same Curulate study showed images with multiple colors have over 3X more shares than images with a single dominant color.

 Pinterest Pins Colors

Instead of taking pictures of empty apartments with neutral color schemes, consider staging units with colorful furniture and decor to make your pins pop!

Use these words

Visuals drive Pinterest, but your description and headline are also crucial.

A Georgia Tech University study of nearly 3 millions pins uncovered the keywords most identifiable and common among Pinterest users.

 Pinterest Keywords

Include any relevant keywords in your descriptions to help your pins stand out.

Create more boards

How many boards should I have on Pinterest? That’s a common question, and the answer can vary. BoardBooster analyzed the top Pinners and found the accounts with the largest followings have between 60-80 boards.

 how many pinterest boards should you have

If you only have a handful of boards, it’s time to start making more. Here are some ideas for additional boards:

  • Apartment DIY ideas
  • Local restaurants
  • Fun activities in your city
  • Apartment design ideas
  • Boards for Pinterest contests
  • Boards for your leasing agents
  • Move-in guide board

Pin often

Once Instagram started to heat up, a lot of brands abandoned Pinterest. They began posting images to Instagram instead of Pinterest, instead of incorporating both of them into their strategy.

They forgot that even though they left Pinterest, their followers didn’t.

If you can’t remember the last time you pinned an image or blog post, it’s time to get back on the train. Create a Pinterest schedule and stick to it. Buffer recommends pinning at least five times a day for the most growth.

 How often should you post on Pinterest

The more you pin, the more visible your brand will be.

Start Pinning!

Pinterest is still very much alive, and can be an amazing tool for multifamily marketers.

Start using these seven Pinterest marketing ideas for your apartments today. You’ll be mad you didn’t start sooner!

If you need help marketing your apartments on Pinterest or other social networks, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Is Pinterest kicking butt for apartment community?

Do you have an awesome Pinterest marketing idea we missed?

Have questions about using Pinterest?

Share them and all your other Pinterest thoughts in the comments below!

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